Why Whole Plant Foods? – Seasonal Vegan Recipes

seasonal vegan

Why most people prefer a seasonal vegan-based diet?

There are 3 reasons that a person chooses a seasonal vegan/plant-based diet.

  • Environmental
  • Animal Rights
  • Health (Physical, mental and emotional)


I choose to eat a plant-based diet for all three reasons. But health is what first got me on this journey, so this is what I will focus on in this post. All of these reasons are just as important as the other in my opinion and so if you want more information on environmental and animal rights reasons then please click on the links above.

There are many ‘schools of thought’ on what is the best diet to eat, what is the healthiest, what will gain me the most muscle, what food do I eat to slim down or lose weight, etc etc. The list could go on forever.

After several years, and many hours of researching the literature as well as using my logic and common sense I have come to believe with my whole being and soul that humans are plant eaters or in other words we are vegans, and for the most part eat a diet low in fat naturally when we eat whole plant foods.

In fact, we once were primarily fruit-based eaters, having evolved from fruit-eating primates. In fact, we still share somewhere between 92 and 97% of our DNA with Bonobos and Chimpanzees.

In every way, we are designed to consume whole plant foods. And the science around this is actually VERY clear. BUT….you need to be able to decipher through a whole lot of crap information to see the credible information out there.

Stay with me here. I will share plenty of links with you for you to do your own reading and research on a plant-based diet.

You may ask, but if we are designed to consume only plant foods then how come I eat meat and dairy and I’m not dead? The answer is simple. Every living organism wants to survive, including the human being animal – this is the rule of life. And so, when a living organism consumes something that is not its ideal it has mechanisms that sort it out. For example, most forms of poison will not kill us instantly, but our body does need to expel the poison or else we may die, or if we consume poison over a period of time it will kill us (a common example of a poison that does this is alcohol). The mechanisms that expel unwanted material from our body takes extra energy. And so, over time when we consume a diet that is not intended for our body, we become sick and diseased and it will eventually kill us. Think heart attacks, diabetes, and many forms of cancer.

This is why I eat a seasonal vegan diet with an emphasis on low fat, or at least, lower than the standard western diet.

And the reason that I share this information, is because I was once a very sick person, with some serious health issues that were affecting me physically, emotionally, mentally, and later in my journey, I realized it had affected me spiritually. My whole being was affected, and I was sick, tired, and very unhappy. I want ALL people to have access to pure health. Without the fads, without the propaganda, without the hoo haa, just plain old simple Truth so that you have the power to be the healthiest version of yourself possible.


If I have lost you, then go on and check out some of the video links below or read some of the information or books I have linked to. Keep your mind open, and learn with an open heart.




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