Weight Loss Before And After: See How You May Change


Body transformation is hard to achieve, especially when you don’t see the results immediately. And then what…….you just give up dieting and exercising which are a must for weight loss. To let you continue and help to achieve your weight loss goals, have a look at some of these weight loss before and after pictures, and get motivated. 

1. Stick To Your Weight Loss Goals

Source: thehealthy.com

Meet Ashley Smith, a 26-year-old girl who gained much weight during her years as a senior in High School all of a sudden. At the age of 23 years, she gained 224 Pounds. After she delivered a baby girl, Ashley was diagnosed with Type II Diabetes. 

The doctor advised her to lose weight to improve this chronic disease. With firm determination, she made some healthy changes in her diet and followed them accordingly. This change in her diet plan paid off well and she had burned 98 pounds as a whole, which you can see in her before and after picture.

If you want to lose weight seriously, then start now than waiting for any special occasion. You will feel good to see yourself in a smaller sized dress inside the dressing room. 

2. Bring A Change In Your Life 

Source: boredpanda.com

Hard to believe that it is the same girl in this before and after picture, isn’t it? But actually, they are the pictures of the same girl Amber. Imagine what could have she faced with such an overweight body. 

With over 600 pounds, Amber neither could take a shower herself nor could walk properly. But she was determined to lose excess fat from her body. Amber had burned enough fat to be fit for gastric bypass operation. And then she began her weight loss plans by following a hard schedule of healthy eating and doing regular workouts. 

Finally, her dream of a perfect body shape became a reality (as you can see her in the picture clicked after weight loss). She lost over 400 pounds and transformed her life for good. 

Stick to your healthy diet plan and workouts…….you will see results faster.

3. Think About Yourself  

Source: womenshealthmag.com

She is Kelly K Cantrell, who posts regularly on Instagram. Now, what do you have to say about Kelly seeing her picture of weight loss before and after

Unbelievable, right? 

My mouth was open for some time seeing this picture of the lady. It is all because of her self-determination that Kelly is in good shape today. She had shred over 400 pounds and became a great inspiration for all of us. 

Initially, she used to skip her online gym classes, didn’t do any workouts, or put in any other effort. But it was in January 2019 when Kelly decided to transform herself in a year. And see today, she is just in the right shape. 

Unless and until you start thinking about yourself, no one will. So forget everything and begin your weight loss goals at once. 

4. Look For A Healthy Weight Loss Plan 

Source: people.com

Here is the story of Crystal Benes. She was overweight since childhood and weighed 376 pounds at the age of 25 years. 

Benes said that she was solely responsible for being overweight with NO exercise and choice of unhealthy food items. All of a sudden she was almost 400 pounds. 

Things changed when on 2nd April 2018, Benes made up her mind to join a weight loss plan locally in Indiana. In more than 15 weeks, she had burned 100 pounds. Benes got good support from her regular classes of:

  • Coaching
  • Nutrition &
  • Bootcamp 

And yes, her trainer helped a lot to bring her in good shape. 

When the program ended, she had begun following the weight loss plan on her own. Although Benes felt hard initially yet later on she had achieved her weight loss goals successfully.

5. Your Family Needs You

Source: people.com

As a single mother, Marsha Parker has passed through many hurdles that affected her health badly. Just to care for her daughter named Kumari, Parker joined a low-paying job. Half of the income she used to spend to buy healthy food for her daughter while she stuck to unhealthy food items. 

Parker fed on fried chicken, Pepsi, and chocolate pudding. Although knowing that those were unhealthy food, yet she continued to eat those to feel comforted during that time. As a result, Parker’s weight increased to 290 pounds when her daughter was only 5 years old.

Additionally, she was diagnosed to be pre-diabetic and with high BP. Her daughter took the initiative and pushed Parker towards losing weight. Not only she began eating healthy but also had joined kickboxing classes.

Losing 155 pounds, Parker is now an online workout trainer and Ph. D. Classes along with homeschooling Kumari. 

Watch out for her before and after pictures and feel motivated to work hard. If not for your own sake, do it for someone else in your family who needs you. 

6. Maintain A Consistency Level 

Source: thehealthy.com

Each pregnancy helped her gain 100 pounds. But after she was 300 pounds, De Bolton decided to put an end to her weight gain. Hats off to her firm determination and confidence level, Bolton had burned excessive fat from her body and today she is a lean and thin lady (as you can see in the picture above).

Before joining a gym she began workouts at home by lifting weights. Finally, she set off her mind to competitive bodybuilding. After Bolton had successfully reduced fats from her body, she became inspired and earned a degree in “Fitness & Exercise Science”. She also became certified in the arena of “Personal Training & Senior Fitness”. 

She credits consistency as the primary factor behind her success. If you are trying out something temporarily it may not show the results. However, maintaining a consistency level will bring positive results for you in the future. So keep trying and always maintain consistency in your diet and workouts. 


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