Treating Chronic Coughs Is Essential

Treating Chronic Coughs Is Essential

If you are suffering from the common cold or flu, and persistent cough is causing you pain and soreness or resulting in other health complications, you must seek medical help without delay.

Coughs occur because the defenses of the body propel them so as to clear the air passage in the throat which supplies air to the lungs. They not just happen because of physical problems and ailments but also can be caused due to psychological problems. Cough caused because of physical problems are normally either allergic in nature, triggered by external pollutants or other influences, or a symptom of some disease afflicting the body. The latter is a habit of sneezing or coughing in a person without any definite physical reason, and it is called ‘habitual coughing’ or Streruphilia in medical parlance.

Cough can many times be a chronic problem with identifiable features and can also be acute depending on how painful and persistent the symptoms are. Acute coughs which last less than 3 weeks can be an offshoot of either infectious or non-infectious diseases. While conditions such as pneumonia and sinus infections result in acute coughing, chronic coughs are usually a result of problems like asthma and bronchitis.

Consulting a good physician is important to get to the underlying cause of the complication and taking suitable treatment for complete recovery. Based on the identified root cause, doctors can prescribe many types of medicines such as antibiotics, antihistamines, or other cough suppressants. In some cases, especially chronic ailments, the cough treatment can last for prolonged periods, even months, to fully cure or suppress the problem.

As with any other ailment, the prevention of cough is always more sensible than having to cure it later when you are badly suffering from it. To remain away from cough, positive changes in lifestyle are important, for which you should stay away from smoking and consume a healthy and nourishing diet.


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