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Top 7 Foods Good For Kidney Health


Have you ever heard about kidneys and how they work? Do you know about the top foods good for kidney health?

Kidneys are like two beans-shaped organs that are present in the renal system of our

These two bean-shaped organs remove the waste and the excess water present in
our blood in the form of urine.

They help in maintaining that chemicals like calcium and sodium are equally balanced in our bodies.


Not only kidney’s job is just limited to excreting waste but it also helps in controlling the blood pressure in humans and restores the bone marrow in our body to make red blood cells frequently.

What Happens If Proper Care Isn’t Taken Of Kidney’s

What to do if our kidney doesn’t function properly? What if the doctor you visit for daily check-ups says that you might have renal disease and now an apple a day can’t keep a doctor

Let’s first understand what is a renal disease? And how can we cure this condition?

The human body has two kidneys which are mainly present in the middle of your back just under the rib cage and inside each kidney, there are millions of nephrons present in there.

These tiny structures are the main cause of filtering your blood and removing all the excess
waste and water in the form of urine through your uterus.

Now, what if these tiny bits like structure get damaged? Yes, the whole mechanism fails.
Most doctors state that by and large kidney problems start with the destruction of the

This destruction may lead to kidney failure with other causes like genetic problems
or internal injuries.

Patients who are suffering from diabetes or high blood pressure have a higher risk than any
other people can also develop chronic kidney diseases which let the waste build-up
slowly in your body and take several years to damage nephrons.

Other Problems That May Cause Kidney Diseases Are:

  • Genetic Disease
  • Urinary Tract Problems
  • Kidney Stones

To check out, if you have kidney disease or not, your doctor can do blood and urine test. If
the test result shows a negative result which is in the case of kidney failure, then in that case
you will be required to do a kidney transplant or live with the help of dialysis.

Now you must be wondering two questions, can kidney disease go away on its own, and can
we self-treat this illness?

So basically answering the first question, No, kidney diseases can never be fully eliminated
but the risk can be lowered by taking care of yourself and maintaining a healthy lifestyle by adding foods good for kidney health to your diet.

Always remember, the earlier you found out about the disease, the earliest you can treat that
disease also.

Here are a few daily routines to follow to ensure a healthy lifestyle:

  •  By controlling your blood pressure.
  •  Take your medicine as per the prescriptions.
  •  Adding foods good for kidney health to your diet
  •  Continue doing physical activity such as walking or cycling.
  •  Focus on your weight.
  •  Control diabetes.

Now, we all know the importance of a healthy diet in our daily lives but do we know the specific foods good for kidney health that one should eat in case of Renal Disease?

Top 7 Foods Good For Kidney Health


Berries are rich in nutrients and antioxidant compounds, they are also low in sodium or
potassium which protects those who suffer from diseases like cancers and heart disease,
which makes them one of the best foods good for kidney health.


Studies prove that certain types of fish like salmon, tuna, or mackerel are rich in Omega-3
which are beneficial for blood clotting and also decrease unusual heartbeats and lowering the blood pressure as well thus reducing the risk of kidney problems.

Fish is considered one of the major foods good for kidney health as they contain unique minerals and proteins.


Believe it or not, these leafy greens are the source of all vitamins, fibers, and minerals. You’ll
get all the benefits in one!

These leafy nutrients also contain potassium in it which might not be prescribed for certain
diet types or those who are in dialysis.

Sweet Potato:

Sweet potatoes are mostly low in sugar and high in soluble fibers. Just like other foods, these
are also rich in minerals and vitamins.

They also contain high potassium which might not be recommended for those who are in dialysis. Sweet potatoes are mostly approved in diets as they help make you feel full.


Well, if you eat an apple a day regularly with your diet, it might help you keep away
from your doctor and the nagging of your mother as well.

Not to mention, they might satisfy your sweet tooth rather than your craving for sugary products.

Apple also contains specific fibers called pectin which lowers the risk for kidney diseases. They are also one of the best foods good for kidney health.

Egg Whites:

Eggs are also one of the best foods to add to your diet, while egg yolks are rich in various
nutrients but they are rich in phosphorus which is not good for kidney health patients but
certainly, egg whites which are full of proteins, fill that gaps and can make it to the list of foods good for kidney health.

Veggies Like Cauliflower & Cabbages:

Vegetables like cauliflower and cabbages are a good source of nutrients and several vitamins
and minerals and are considered one of the foods good for kidney health.

They are full of anti-inflammatory compounds and insoluble fiber and also low
in sodium and potassium, which is a good choice for patients dealing with kidney problems
or high blood pressure.

There are still so many foods good for kidney health but make sure to consult with your doctor since there are certain foods or diets which have to be followed as per the
individual requirements and needs.

The diet must be followed depending on which type or stage the kidney damage is prescribed as per the medications.

Following a diet is not so easy but remember there are some mouth-watering foods
good for kidney health you should add to your diet list which is healthy and ensure a healthy lifestyle.