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Mouth Ulcer Treatment: Simple Home Remedies


Before we read about interesting home remedies for mouth ulcer treatment, it’s important to understand what you’re up against.

What Is A Mouth Ulcer?

Essentially, mouth ulcers are benign sores that form within your mouth or at the base of your gums; in rare instances, they may also appear on your cheeks, lips, or tongue. Typically, they are white, yellow, red, or even gray in color.

Mouth ulcers are not lethal, although they may be excruciatingly unpleasant. Multiple sores may occur in rare situations, compounding the discomfort. Eating or chewing food may be a real challenge with these painful sores.

Why Do Mouth Ulcers Occur?

According to studies, if you have a family history of mouth ulcers, you are more likely to get them.


In general, these sores form when the inside lining of your cheeks is damaged – for example, you may have accidentally bitten the lining of your mouth, or a sharp tooth may be rubbing against the skin, generating mouth ulcers.

Damage may also be caused by ill-fitting dentures and uneven fillings. Mouth ulcers may also be caused by stress and worry.

Mouth ulcers may be caused by hormonal shifts in certain situations; women may have the sores in their mouths while they are menstruating, according to specialists.

Mouth ulcers may be caused by a variety of medical diseases, including viral infections and coeliac disease, a condition in which a person’s digestive system responds to gluten.

Above all, if you eat a lot of hot and greasy food, you may get mouth ulcers. Mouth ulcers may also be caused by a vitamin B12 deficiency.

Some Natural Mouth Ulcer Treatment Remedies:

To perform mouth ulcer treatment at home, just search in your kitchen. Here are a few superfoods to consider:

Apple Cider Vinegar

Thanks to the benefits of apple cider vinegar, whose acidity helps destroy ulcer-causing bacteria, here’s a really efficient home cure for mouth ulcer treatment.

In a half-cup of warm water, dissolve one tablespoon of vinegar. Rinse your mouth with ordinary water after swishing this around in your mouth for a few minutes. Repeat this process twice a day until the swelling goes down.


This is another easy home cure for mouth ulcers treatment. Cloves are recognized for their ability to fight germs, and researchers believe that they may also aid in the reduction of stomach ulcers. All you need is a handful of cloves on hand. Simply chew on clove buds to notice the difference.


Honey has antibacterial characteristics, as we all know. It may also act as a natural emollient. So, if you have mouth ulcers, just take a little amount of cotton and use it to apply honey to the sores. Repeat until the swelling has gone down and the discomfort has gone away.

Seeds of the poppy

Don’t be shocked; raw poppy seeds have been used to treat a variety of ailments, including asthma and cough, since the dawn of time.

It’s also a good home cure for mouth ulcers since it may lower body heat and provide comfort from the sores. You may eat poppy seeds that have been mixed with sugar.

Aloe Vera

We’ve all heard about aloe vera’s many skin advantages. Aloe vera, believe it or not, may also be used for mouth ulcer treatment.

Simply apply aloe vera juice that has been organically extracted from the ulcer. Aloe vera’s antibacterial qualities can provide you with virtually immediate relief.


Turmeric is excellent for mouth ulcer treatment. Simply mix a smooth turmeric and water paste, put it to the ulcer, and wait a few minutes.

Rinse well. At least twice a day, try to do this. Turmeric is effective because it is antibacterial and anti-inflammatory.


Ghee, believe it or not, may decrease swelling, making it a popular option for mouth ulcer treatment.

Simply apply a little amount of pure ghee to the ulcers with your finger. After some time has passed, rinse your mouth with simple water. At least once a day, do this.


Your grandfather probably told you about this must-have. This is a tried-and-true home cure for mouth ulcers.

Put a pinch of salt in a glass of warm water and swirl it about in your mouth, making sure you get every corner.

Continue swishing for a few minutes. After that, just rinse with simple water. Try it as many times as you can during the day.

Against the germs and bacteria that cause mouth ulcers, saltwater may be quite helpful.


Garlic contains allicin, which may kill a variety of bacteria. Cut a garlic clove in half and gently press it on the ulcers.

Wait an hour before rinsing off. Continue doing so till the discomfort goes away. As it is considered a very good option for mouth ulcer treatment.