Healthy Fruits and Its Nutritional Benefits


If you are consuming more fruits, then it will improve your body’s health and also helps to protect you against the disease. Fruits are loaded with a lot of vitamins, minerals, and fibers. But there are some healthy fruits with high nutritional benefits that are considered as “Power House”, and here is the list of top 10 healthy fruits. 

Top 10 healthy fruits:

1. Apple

Apples are the most popular fruits, and even there is a proverb saying that “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”. Apples are loaded with high nutrients such as Vitamin K, Vitamin C, Vitamin B, potassium, and even it has fiber. 

According to the reports, it has been proven that antioxidants in apples will improve heart health and reduce the risk of diabetes, cancer, and even Alzheimer’s. Also, it has been noted that Apple will increase the bone density, and the pectin content in the apple will help to grow the good bacteria in the body which will improve the digestion and overall health of the body. 

2. Banana

Banana is the most consumed fruit, and most people are consuming bananas either in raw or fruit form. Banana is one of the healthiest fruit and also banana is low in fat and high in energy. Most people consume bananas during their workout sessions to increase their energy. 

It has Vitamin B especially Vitamin B1 and Vitamin B6, where B1 improves brain tonic and B6 will helps to cure the pre-menstrual symptoms. Also, it will reduce the risk of stroke and high blood pressure. 

3. Grapes

Grapes are loaded with the most important chemicals such as tannins, flavonoids, and anthocyanins. These chemicals are loaded with anti-cancer properties and also will be beneficial for the people who have recovered from the illness. People who are having anemia and fatigue can also prefer this, and it will help to maintain the energy level.

Grapes are rich in antioxidant property and also some studies have shown that grapes will protect your heart, eyes, joints, and brain. 

4. Pomegranate

Pomegranates are rich in antioxidants and polyphenols so it is considered as “superfood”. These nutrients will help the body to stay away from the oxidative stress that causes diseases to the body. You can consume the fruit along with the seeds to improve the fiber content.

This fruit is also rich in Vitamin K which is the main nutrient for strong bones and blood cells. Many studies have shown that the anti-inflammatory property in pomegranate will help to reduce the risk of brain diseases, and also reduce the growth of cancer cells. 

5. Blueberries

Blueberries are loaded with antioxidants and Vitamin C, which will increase the protection of the body and also fight against various diseases. Also, the fruit is rich in anthocyanin, which helps to boost the power of the brain that is why it is considered a “powerhouse”. According to research, people who consume a lot of blueberries will experience less age-related problems like macular degeneration that cause blindness. 

6. Pineapple

Pineapple is rich in anti-inflammatory properties, and mainly it consists of the enzyme called “bromelain”. This fruit will help to reduce the risk of heart attack, stroke, and also will improve fertility.

It will protect the body from cancer and also inhibit the growth of a tumor. The other important thing to consider is that this fruit is low in fat and cholesterol. It has a little amount of Vitamin C which helps fight against fever and cold. Most countries are using pineapple as a post-operative measure for sinus and throat operations. 

7. Peaches and Nectarines

Peaches and nectarines will contain a high level of potassium than bananas so eating a small peach will benefit you. Also, it will boost muscle and nerve strength. The skin of the fruits is rich in antioxidants and insoluble fiber, and it will healthily satisfy your sweet craving.

8. Citrus Fruits

Citrus fruits include lemons, orange and grapefruits are rich in Vitamin C, and it will increase the immunity power in the month of the winter season. The citrus fruits are double-threat because the pulp of the fruits is loaded with vitamins and minerals while the skin is loaded with phytonutrients. It also contains folate that will maintain the stability of brain inducing chemical called dopamine. 

9. Avocado

Avocado is the most nutritious fruit in the world as the fruit is loaded with 25 essential nutrients like Vitamin A, B, C, E, and K, along with that it also contains copper, iron, phosphorus, magnesium, and potassium. 

As it is loaded with nutrients and minerals, it helps to protect the body away from illness, and various diseases. But it also contains more fat content, 20 times more than the other fruits. It will help in the regeneration of collagen cells which are the main cells that will improve the glow and brightness of the skin. 

The thiamine content in the fruits will convert the carbohydrates into glucose that fuel the brain and nervous system. It also has riboflavin which will release energy from protein, fats, and carbohydrates. 

10. Mango

Mangoes are most preferred by the nutritionist as it is rich in beta-carotene and when it goes inside the body it will change into Vitamin A. This vitamin will help to increase the sharp vision and also increase the immunity system of the body. 

It also helps in maintaining bone density and helps in bone growth. The fruit has loaded with more Vitamin C than the citrus fruits so having this will be beneficial for your health. 

These are the top 10 healthy fruits and each fruit will come up with some unique and different health benefits. So based on your body condition you can choose the one, and for the best results, you can add different types of fruits to your diet. 



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