Headaches During Pregnancy – Natural Treatments

Headaches During Pregnancy – Natural Treatments

During the first and third trimesters of pregnancy, headaches are very typical. For non-pregnant women, aspirin and ibuprofen could be the best solution to treat this problem but for those who are pregnant, these drugs are highly dangerous for the mother and to her unborn child. But they should check with a health care provider first. The best and the safest way to relieve headaches during pregnancy is not taking any standard drugs.

Natural ways to treat headaches when pregnant:

Drink plenty of water – When you’re pregnant or nursing, keeping yourself hydrated is a crucial matter to keep in mind.

Hot and cold compress – hot and cold compress is one of the safest ways to relieve headaches. For immediate comfort, apply a hot compress to your forehead or put a cold compress to your neck. A cold compress helps numb the applied area by limiting the nerves from transmitting pain impulses to the mind while a hot compress calms your muscle tissue.

Prenatal Massage – massage is safe for pregnant women as long as you go with a prenatal massage therapist. A full body prenatal massage can help you relax especially your back, neck, and shoulders.

Exercise and Prenatal Yoga – There are some physical activities and yoga exercises specifically designed for pregnant women. Considering the fact that appropriate posture can lead to headaches and neck pains, prenatal yoga can help you correct your body posture all throughout your pregnancy period. Aside from that, yoga can also help you with breathing techniques to minimize the level of headaches.

Getting enough rest – Rest is another important thing to do when you are pregnant. If you don’t get enough sleep at night, you will normally experience headaches in the morning. While at daytimes, it is also important that you take minutes of rest when you feel really tired. Rest is another instant headache reliever.

Eat organic foods – Organic foods are very helpful in the development of the unborn baby and the improvement of the mother’s health during pregnancy. Headaches will occur when your blood sugar falls.

Headache is a simple illness that most pregnant women will experience but if this is not treated immediately, it will result in severe headaches. Make sure that you take action while it is not yet severe to avoid major pregnancy complications and major discomforts


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