Foods to boost immune system

immune system

The immune system is present in all living beings. It has a major role in maintaining human body active and to fight with diseases. Immune system is basically composed of organs, cells, tissues and proteins. These all helps to develop a shield against the disease by forming antibodies which fights with the pathogens which contains virus, bacteria that leads to a disease. The immunity level may varies in different ages and genders, but all we can do is to make it strong by having healthy life style by the use of healthy and organic products by nature.

A healthful diet always help to maintain a boosted up immune system. Below are some foods which can help you out:

1. Fish:

 The dietary guidelines recommends to consume fish and other see food in alternate days in a week, it helps to keep all the body functions performing in a well manner. According to an experiment it is found that 420,000 people eating fish reduced the respiratory deaths by 20%. Omega 3 fatty acid plays a vital role in good performance of the immune system and sea food is enriched with omega 3 fatty acids. You can consume salmon, herring, anchovies, oysters, sardines and trout as these fishes have the highest level of omega 3 fatty acids. Fishes are the main source of consuming proteins whereas vitamin A is also found in fish which is also known as an anti-inflammation vitamin as it has vital role in boosting up the immunity. You can consume vitamin A from oily fish like salmon, cod and tuna.

 2. Citrus Fruits:

 We have a wide range of citrus fruits and vegetables, which are available in various sizes, colors and different aromas. Lemon, lime, various oranges and grapefruits falls in the category of the citrus fruits. These all provide many benefits from developing good immunity and reducing risk of heart diseases. Let’s discover how they boost up immunity. All the citrus fruits contains vitamin C, which encourages and assist in producing white blood cells that helps in fighting with the infections. In the early ages it was believed that citrus fruits could not help in cold, but according to latest researches it is evident that citrus fruits can help to shorten down the time period of cold and fever. Citrus fruits can also save you from kidney stones and heart diseases as well.

 3. Dark Chocolate:

 Yes you have red it right! Consuming dark chocolate is a delightful way to boost and strengthen up your immunity. How? Let’s find it out. Dark chocolates have antioxidants which help is prevention of loss of cells by body and it is way too good to get rid of cold and fever especially in winters. The cocoa in dark chocolate which has phenolic compounds can help you strengthen up the performance of immune system, in addition it is also good to treat dry cough. Cocoa also consist of necessary minerals like iron, copper and manganese which helps to improve overall health. Dark chocolates even helps in proper functioning of brain and reduce the risk of cardiac diseases. Though it’s a good news for you of boosting up your immunity with dark chocolate but you have to consume less of it like 30 to 60 grams a day.

4. Yogurt:

Yogurt is meal which can help you the keep the immunity to its best working as it has a bacteria called probiotic which keeps our gut healthy. This healthy bacteria helps to line up our intestinal walls and helps to fend off advancing and upcoming germs. Yogurt helps to increase the immune response by increasing the count of white blood cells. These are the cells which are in charge to keep the body away from diseases. Two cups of yogurt daily are enough for both children and adult, so if you are looking for a healthy life add few ounces of yogurt in your daily meal.

5. Spinach:

Spinach is a super food having high content of vitamin A, vitamin C, magnesium and fiber. These beneficial nutrients helps to develop the best immunity and helps to develop cells and DNA repairing. Do consume it after light cooking so that the nutrients stay live and active. It can prevent you from cancer, reduces blood sugar, provides good bones growth and is beneficial for eyes as well. You can enjoy it as a salad as well as in pasta as well.


Don’t think just add the above mentioned foods in your diet plan and witness the change in yourself and your body. You will not worry about cold and fevers of winter season after adding these foods to your diet plan and fix the days on which to consume them, a major change will be observed for sure. Here you can read about best food to fight against Covid-19


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