Easy To Follow Fat Loss Tips

Fat Loss

Dimitri Montig Fitness & Fat Loss Tips

Supplement with fish oil. Fish oil fires up your metabolism which then burns fat. As well as being fantastic for your brain, joints and eyesight it also helps build muscle.

Drink tea

Again it fires up your metabolism. And from what I have read green tea in my opinion is the best.

Make a Goal

Have a clear goal. Now is when you should be thinking about your goal. You have taken the two previous steps which are not hard to do. Your goal should be a positive one. I will lose 5kg is a negative goal. WHY? If you don’t lose that 5kg you will be disappointed, so it’s a negative goal. Try this I will be able to run 5km in 10min by the end of the month that’s a positive goal because! this can be easily achieved. Any fat loss along the way is a bonus.

Decrease and or eliminate processed carbs. Stop buying processed food. This will without a doubt make you FAT! It’s easy and convenient but you can’t have it both ways.

Veggies and Fruit

Eat more veggies and fruit. Half your plate should be steamed veggies and make your own dressing. Don’t pour it out of a bottle, PLEASE don’t. And when was the last time you saw an overweight person from eating too much fruit. The food pyramid is just a guide so eat more fruit that’s my opinion.

Eat thermogenic food. This one is one of my favourites. Chilli, garlic, any peppers, ginger, cinnamon, we have covered this 100 times.

Resistance training. Ok here we go! cardio burns more calories initially but resistance training burns more for longer periods. Why? Because muscles then have to repair and so your CNS is firing for longer. Shut up! Yes that’s right use kettlebells the best of both worlds. It will help in fat loss.

Eat more protein. Nothing satisfies us more than protein. Get it from your food or from a supplement just get it. Chicken, Turkey Tuna, Salmon and red meat just not too much of the latter. Are great sources of protein.

Do compound exercises. Or full-body exercises, unless you want to be a bodybuilder isolation exercise are not as beneficial as compound exercises.

Drink water. Drinking a tall glass of water 30min before you eat makes you feel full, so you will eat less.

Keep a food journal. This is such a great way to monitor what you eat and when. It’s a powerful tool to show you where you are going wrong and to help keep yourself accountable.

Drink black coffee. Yes that’s right! You latte-drinking cappuccino sipping so called coffee lovers. If you love coffee then drink it black so you can enjoy the taste. Not only that but black coffee has fewer calories. The cream, milk, chocolate and the sugar is making you FAT!.

Eating out. Make better choices, tomato base rather than cream and veggies rather than mash. And skip dessert.

Buy a pedometer. And accumulate at least 10,000 steps each day as a minimum. You can get an app for this and challenge yourself each day.

Get to bed early.  But sleeping lets your body regenerate. We should be looking at eight hours a night of good deep sleep.

Get up early. Before you say it….it’s not a contradiction but good time management. Ha! Get up a little earlier and go for a walk I promise you, you will feel amazing for the rest of the day.

Eat before you leave home. Say you’re going to a BBQ how often is the food at a BBQ healthy? So eat a good protein-rich meal before you leave so you’re not hungry when you arrive. This is a great tip for Christmas so don’t forget it.

Plan ahead. Prepare your snacks for the week so you just have to grab them on your way out the door. Plan meals so you don’t have to think about them and plan your shopping list this will eliminate compulsive buying.

Eat breakfast. Start the day fully. This will get the rest of the day off to a good start.

Best for last. That 3pm sugar hit you need? Well try raw nuts just a small hand full or if you can make a berry smoothie or a protein shake. Don’t reach for sugary drinks or snacks your not doing yourself any favours. Read 11 Best Ways to Lose Weight for Free.


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