Boot Camp is not for Everyone!

Boot Camp is not for Everyone!

Boot camps have exploded across Sydney as a popular outdoor group fitness option, yes they are cost-effective training in large groups of 10 to 20 even 60 people. But don’t use price as the only reason for choosing a camp, there are a number of things you first should consider before signing up for a Boot camp. Here is a checklist to see if Boot Camps are for you!

1: Size of the Boot Camp:

Always ask how many is in the group and how many personal trainers are taking the group. As per the Fitness Australia guidelines, there should be 2 personal trainers taking the group for 18 or more in attendance.

2: Fitness levels of the Boot Camp:

When training in a group of 10 or more the Boot Camp will move at the pace of the group. In some cases you may be able to go at your own pace, however, if the group goes for a run you could be left behind if you are not of the same fitness levels as the group.

3: What are Boot Camp exercises?

Each Boot Camp will have its own training style. It is always good to find out what type of exercises they will be doing before you join. For example, if they do a lot of running and you hate running then that boot camp is not for you. You could be carrying people up a hill or digging a hole in the sand. Although this can be good fun you don’t want to get a shock when the trainer asks you to do such an exercise.

4: What type of equipment is used?

There are various pieces of equipment a trainer will use to keep the Boot Camp interesting and varied, fit balls, free weights, kettlebells, and the list goes on. In some cases, the trainer will bring the equipment to the Boot camp or you maybe even required to purchase the equipment yourself. It’s always good to find out if there any additional equipment costs on top of your fees

5: I have an injury or medical condition.

Before taking part in any Boot camp you should fill out an Exercise Safety Screening Form, this is so you can advise your trainer of any injuries or conditions you may have. This is not the only duty of care but it also ensures you do not take part in any activities that you may injury yourself or add injury to a current compliant.

If you have come to the conclusion that Boot Camps are not for you, there are alternatives!

You may have overlooked personal training in the past due to cost but I suggest you take a look at Small Group Personal Training.  No large groups, tailored sessions and non-intimidating environments.

Small-Group Personal Training sessions may vary in size but most are limited to 6 people, so you get individualized instruction and supervision while keeping your training fun. Some companies may even offer to Start your Own if you have 2-3 friends who want to train together. So if you are looking to get fit for and looking at a cost-effective option consider

Small-Group Personal Training your alternative to Boot Camp.


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