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8 Benefits Of Beetroot You Should Know


Beetroots are most commonly known as beets are a versatile type of vibrant vegetables which are known for their amazing health benefits.

There are a lot of benefits of beetroot as these vegetables are highly nutritious and are filled with minerals and healthy vitamins.

Long durations of quarantine, shift to work-from-home activities and limitations on physical mobility have rendered our lives sedentary.

But, fear not. Someone wise once said, ‘When in problem- eat something.’ How about eating something healthy? How about a beetroot


What Is A Beetroot?

Beets are root vegetables that come in different shapes, sizes, and colors, but are mostly found in red across most continents.

They carry crucial ingredients such as water, minerals, and vitamins that not just deliver good health but also add taste, flavor, and variety to our diet.

benefits of beetroot

Beetroots boast of some of the most important components that make what we consume not just richer but also tastier.

Consuming beetroots as a part of your diet not only enriches your food but also ensures sufficient levels of critical nutrients in your body to aid metabolism.

Some Benefits Of Beetroot Are:

1. Improves Heart Health

World Health Organisation (WHO) says that almost 17.9 million people die each year from Cardiovascular Diseases such as heart attacks and blockages.

A huge chunk of the population, especially adults, also suffer from erratic blood pressure.

Beetroots have been scientifically proven to ensure stable blood pressure due to the abundance of vital ingredients like folates and nitrates, but also of great help in preventing life-threatening heart problems and ensuring lower blood pressure.

The availability of iron and water content further helps in oxygen transportation in the blood, hence keeping healthy blood circulation through the heart in check.

2. Improves Physical Performance

Beetroot can not only raise the proportion of oxygen usage in the body but also enhance energy production in the body, therefore improving not just your physical performance but also aiding agility and efficiency.

Consumption of beetroots in any manner- be it in the form of a salad or juice can truly do wonders to the stamina during activities that require physical labor.

3. Improves Bone’s Strength & Detoxifies Body

Beetroots are also rich in large quantities of Calcium and Manganese that support the formation of bones and ensure their sustenance.

The availability of rich fiber help boost the efficiency of the digestive system and reduces the chances of gastrointestinal problems like food poisoning and chronic indigestion.

They have also been found to act as blood purifiers, thereby acting as carriers and transporters of healthy blood to our kidneys and livers.

Consuming beetroot can truly act as natural detoxification that ensures the removal of waste and unwanted material from the body through its natural cleansing properties.

benefits of beetroot

4. Helps Improve Digestion

Beetroot is a great source of fiber as one cup of beetroot contains 3.4g of fiber. Fiber bypasses the digestive system and feeds on gut bacteria.

It can help one to maintain a healthy digestive system and prevent problems like constipation, inflammatory bowel disease, etc.

5. Helps in disease prevention

As per WHO, 1.9 Billion people suffer from obesity worldwide and almost 9.6 Million died from cancer in the recent past.

Of late, researchers have found that beetroots can be of immense help in fighting some of the deadliest diseases head-on.

The availability of certain compounds has been proven to spearhead a fight against cancer and other inflammatory diseases such as colon cancer, liver diseases, and even obesity and anemia.

Furthermore, the availability of Vitamin C provides a potent safeguard against problems such as scurvy and gum-bleeding.

6. Improves Mental Health

Beetroots have been successful in improving stable blood circulation to reach every part of the human brain.

This ensures the stable functioning of the mind and a check against dementia and loss of proper brain functioning.

The abundance of potassium also helps keep our memory, skills, and thinking sharp but also improves mental and cognitive growth.

Beetroots like carrots also act as potent tools in our arsenal in tackling eye disorders and issues such as myopia.

7. Beetroot Maintains A Healthy Liver

Regularly drinking beet juice, or adding them to your diet, has been found to increase the amount of certain detoxifying liver enzymes.

These health benefits of beetroot help to protect the organ and allow it to work more efficiently.

8. Beetroot Helps Maintain A Good Weight

The nutritional content of beetroot is what makes them so good for people looking to lose weight.

  • Calories in beetroot: 44 kcals per 100 grams of cooked beets (like those pre-prepared in supermarkets)
  • 2 grams of fiber (8% of our RDA)
  • 1.7 grams of protein (3% of our RDA)
  • Virtually no fat
  • Because of their high levels of fiber, eating beets can leave you feeling fuller from eating less than other foods.

Due to the low-calorie content, the main benefit of beetroot is that makes the food a healthy and effective addition to a weight-loss diet.

benefits of beetroot

Scarcely does it happen that the food we eat carries such a wide array of benefits as beetroots do?

It is a scientifically proven fact that there are a lot of benefits of beetroot as they are rich in nutrients, but what makes them even more interesting is the taste, the flavor, and the rich earthy smell that they carry with them.

Perhaps, it wouldn’t be unwise to suggest a helping of beetroot salad or a juice. Why don’t you try it yourself?