36 Weeks Pregnant: What You Need to Know


Just hang in there dear mommy, you are almost there as you have entered 36 weeks of pregnancy. Even though things are not in pretty good shape as you have been pregnant for months now; however, we suggest to cherish this time as much as possible. You are going to miss your pregnancy, your baby bump, and your tiredness once you have your baby in your arms.

We understand that like every mother, you might be anxious to meet your baby, but the good news is there are only four weeks left till the final meetup.

36 Weeks Pregnant Baby’s Growth

As you enter the final weeks of your pregnancy, the growth of your baby started to slow down. As there is no extra space left in the uterus, 36 weeks of pregnancy baby movement is low now. If you are experiencing backache due to the belly weight, now is the time to forget all that and focus on the moments you cherish while your baby is still connected to you.

36 Weeks Pregnant Baby Weight

Your baby is now 5 to 6 pounds in weight that makes up approximately 2.7kg and 18-19 inches in length. The growth is slowing down to make your baby store all the energy for the birth, and it’s coming down in the birth canal, but the head is not fixed yet. If your baby has not come down, there is no need to panic as there is still some time.

Preparations for the Birth

As you are in the 9th month of your pregnancy, your body and even your baby is preparing for the big day. The skull of the baby is relatively soft and comfortable to pass through the birth canal. With a soft skull, some of the bones and cartilages are soft too, to adjust the body through the birth canal. The body of your baby right now is molded to experience and bear the birthing process. However, the bones will get harden with the passing time.

Almost all the systems of the baby are fully developed, but few of them are not functional or operational yet. Take an example, the blood circulation and immune system which are fully developed and functioning. However, as the digestive system of your little angle is concerned, although it is developed but not yet functional. It is due to the use of the umbilical cord as the mean of nutrition. 

Throughout the pregnancy, your baby got its food through the umbilical cord, and he will use the digestive system once he is out of the womb in the outside world.

Your Body At 36 Weeks

The one thing that you experience in the last trimester of pregnancy is waddling. Till this time you might be used to walking like a penguin. This walk is not what you have imagined, but it’s your connective tissues that are softening and losing to preparing the body for birth. Listen up, mama! You are going to push a giant baby out of your small cervical opening. So the tissues must be soft to adjust accordingly!

The lowering of the baby in the birth canal and the softening of the tissues come with severe pelvic pain. The burrowing of your baby’s head deeper in the cervix, and the weight of the uterus coming down it all add up to pelvic discomfort. If you are experiencing back pain, you can perform some pelvic floor exercises, use some warm compress, or go for a prenatal massage from a certified therapist.

With the dropping of the baby in the pelvic region, you can now breathe conveniently. Your diaphragm is not squished anymore, and you regain your appetite.

 36 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms

We have listed a few signs which indicate a normal pregnancy, and if you are experiencing them in your pregnancy at 36 weeks, this means everything is going smoothly.

Fetal movement: As you enter the last stop of your pregnancy journey, your baby is now fully developed and take all the space available in the uterus. So there is very little space in the uterus, so your baby is involved in more squirming rather than kicking and jabbering.

  • Heartburn:

As your stomach gets pushed with the increased baby size, you feel difficulty indigestion. And the famous heartburn will also be a part of your journey.

  • Bloating and gassy:

What could be worse than heartburn? Probably being gassy and farts like a frat boy. But all you need to focus on is there is very little time left. Meanwhile, try to have your meals in small quantities slowly. The small meals will ease the heartburn, and slow eating will avoid the swallowing of air.

  • Frequent urination:

One thing you might dislike the most regarding being pregnant is the constant urge to pee. As the baby drop in the pelvic region, your bladder got pushed, and you no longer hold your pee for extended intervals. The urge to pee is one of the pregnancy symptoms week 1. Although it might be urinating as you did in the first two months of pregnancy, it is prudent to keep your water intake high as the body needs to be hydrated more than ever nowadays.

  • 36 Weeks Pregnant white discharge:

You might notice a visible change in your vaginal discharge as now the liquid contains a streak of pink or red. Moreover, the vaginal discharge is getting thinner with the passing time indicating the dilation of the cervix. 

At this stage, you have to be very careful about the mucous plug. The mucous plug is the sheet that is protecting your baby the whole time and while the onset of delivery the mucous plug came out and announced the official start of the delivery stage.

  • Itchy belly:

The muscle and tissues of your belly stretch and open to adjusting the growing baby. So at this point, your belly has been stretched to its breaking point, and you might experience a constant urge to scratch your belly off. There are various creams and oil available in the market to soothe your itching belly. Creams containing cocoa and vitamin E are considered best to aid in getting a soft belly.

  • Edema:

Your body is retaining more fluids now, and this water retention will cause severe swelling of joints, face, neck, feet, and ankles. However, at this point, you have to maintain a steady water intake to keep your body hydrated and get rid of excess sodium out of your system. Don’t worry; the swelling will go away once you have our baby in your arms.

  • Insomnia:

Having heartburn, upset, and squished stomach, and severe pelvic pain, what could add more to the hardship? How about getting significantly less or no sleep at all? Unlike the pregnancy symptoms week 2 and pregnancy symptoms week 3 Insomnia is the standard issue in the last trimester as you have to struggle throughout the night to find the perfect 36 weeks pregnant baby position. 

Try having some extra pillows to ease your back pain and support your belly. If you are feeling heated, lower the thermostat or open a window or two.

  • Nesting instinct:

Although you might be feeling hell tired by now, however, you can have a burst of energy thinking about the adjustment you have to make in your home for a baby. This phenomenon most commonly known as nesting instinct is one of the beautiful parts of pregnancy. 

Set the nursery, pack your hospital bag, and get everything you need in your reach as now it could be any time while you’re rushing to the hospital to have your baby.

So this is everything you may need to know about pregnancy at 36 weeks. You are at the last of your pregnancy right to get your baby, and anytime soon you’ll be holding a fluffy squishy fluff ball in your arms.  


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