11 Best Ways to Lose Weight for Free

best Ways to Lose Weight

Every year, we all know a diet that celebrities say they eat become famous, and people who want to lose weight run towards it. Due to this, the fitness industry earns a lot of money by launching fitness courses and selling fitness equipment. People like you and I fall into this trap, and I don’t know about weight, but we
surely lose a lot of cash.

However, if you are not interested in spending any money on getting expensive memberships, equipment, personal trainers or courses, then you are in the right place. I will be listing all those who won’t only help you lose weight, but you can maintain your fitness through it. So, Let’s get started.

Best Ways to Lose Weight for Free and Easily:

1. Setting Fitness goals

Planning and goals are important in life; similarly, they are also important in the fitness sector. If you want to lose weight without spending extra money other than you usually spend on yourself, you must change your routine and set your realistic fitness goals. Remember, no matter how much weight you have and how much you want to
lose, it won’t happen in a blink of an eye. However, it can happen in due time, and you will have to decide at that time. For example, if you want to lose the extra 15 pounds, don’t run after the whole 15 pounds, but start losing it in intervals of 5 pounds. This will help you to keep your focus intact.

2. Avoid Expensive Fitness Equipment

Let me tell you very clearly that you can lose weight without any fitness equipment. Gadgets like Ab exercisers, treadmills, home gym systems, etc. cost a lot of money, and you can spend this money anywhere else useful.
Because once you buy it, you must have enough space in your room or house to set it up for your use. So, it would be best if you always looked for those exercises which you can do without any fitness equipment, such as planks can
be done for achieving a strong core or different kinds of pushups can be performed to get in to shape.

3. Look for the parks and ground to exercise

Areas like parks and grounds are best for exercise, where you can get motivation while watching others and you can exercise freely as the space is huge and you can perform all kinds of exercises in such a place. You can these places for walking, jogging, and running purposes, and after the necessary warm-up, you can move to the grassy field for the exercise.

4. Exercises while Watching a Match

Why sit on the couch while watching a match when you exercise on the floor while watching it. This will do two things for you: provide your fitness and save your time. You can do different exercises while watching the match, such as pushups, squats, plank pushups, and much more.

5. Keep a Weight loss Journal

It is always good to write your weight down when you start and keep tracking it weekly to stay motivated. The weight loss will take time, but it will happen, and this journal will prove your effort to how organized you were in this weight loss task. This will also help you know and keep track of the remaining weight required to achieve.

6. Look for and Choose a Wise Workout Buddy

If anyone in your friends is exercising for fitness, get attached to him/her. This will be your motivation because he/she will keep you along with them till you have achieved your goal, and you will get a partner for free instead of going to a gym. However, choose this person wisely, don’t choose a bully who could make fun of your weight because this will only dishearten you, and there is a chance that you will lose hope. So, always choose a nice and friendly person because he treats you during this struggling phase.

7. Controlling the Food Portions

When you start exercises for fitness, control your diet because if it is in excess, the exercises won’t do any good damage to the fat. Compare the amount of food you consume daily in the past and how much quantity you need to eat now. For this, you must also gather knowledge on the nutrition labels and what they indicate to maintain your food portion to lose weight. Go for different diet plans and manage them independently after calculating the amount of weight you want to lose.

8. Visit YouTube instead of Buying Fitness Courses

YouTube is your solution for all kinds of fitness courses you can have for free instead of buying them from a trainer. It has all kinds of videos of different professional trainers, which can help you lose weight and get it a great shape in
an adequate time. So, this is where you can follow a specific trainer and start a free course or different exercises that can help you lose weight.

9. Get Plenty of Sleep

Exercises and diet play an important role in losing weight, but none of your efforts would bear fruit if you didn’t get enough sleep. This is why you must get straight eight hours of sleep so that your body gets enough rest to start the next exercising session tomorrow.

10. Stay Hydrated

Water is an essential part of our body, plays an important role in helping you wash away the toxins from the body, and gives the required fuel to the muscles. Drinking water makes you feel full; in this way, you won’t eat much, reducing the portions of your meals.

11. Avoid Unhealthy Habits

Everybody loves unhealthy habits, such as drinking, smoking, binge-eating, or stressing extra, but they only cause damage. This is why when you start your exercises for fitness without any fitness equipment, you must avoid these habits for good. Because avoiding them will make your body get back to the natural system it should work in, and secondly, you will have to worry about exercise more just because you had a drink or ate a burger.

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